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Artist: Christian Thomas

Remixers: Inxec // Vagabundo

Catalogue No: UNS020

Release Date: 02.01.2016



Christian Thomas //

Hypothesis EP

Christian Thomas is back with his second EP on Unscene Records. Taking a break from his live DJ sets in Austin, TX, he brings you a stellar 4 track release. From the deep techy house sounds of Northern Lights and Scenario to a blend of nice vocals and deep minimal house on Hypothesis. The last track Black Sun is a more minimal slice showing his well rounded production force.


Along with the originals are two superb remixes from INXEC (Culprit, Get Physical) and Vagabundo (Innocent Music, dub.sphere). Vagabundo’s remix explores the minimal side of Northern Lights while INXEC takes you on a bass driven deep house journey.

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