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Artist: Kostas Georgoudis

Remixers: Dimitris Anagnostou & Endie Kenzak // Sub Dose

Catalogue No: UNS025

Release Date: 05.16.2016



Kostas Georgoudis //

Soas Tas Frenas EP

Music producer, DJ and remixer, Kostas Georgoudis from Greece has recently emerged into the limelight as one of the freshest new talents to hit the dance music scene. His remarkable, versatile style is a blend of classic and modern underground house and techno that draws influences from disco, funk, minimal and acid. Soas Tas Frenas EP features vocals by the amazing and talented Mz Sunday Luv giving each rendition a beautifully deep hypnotic feel. On remix duty are Dimitris Anagnostou/Endie Kenzak and Sub Dose delivering two stellar interpretations delving into the more ambient house sounds and deeper driving minimal techno vibes, respectively. 

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